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After several months of work, we have excitedly changed our name to Wallit. After struggling through the many (mis)pronunciations of our previous name (iMoneza), we knew it was time for a change. This name change reflects more than something that is easier to pronounce. We chose to make this change while we refocused our message, but first let’s talk about the name.

wallit | complete subscription solution


We are a hi-tech company and needed a name that better represented our cutting-edge technology. A two-syllable word (google, apple) seemed to be our best bet. We decided on Wallit for two main reasons:

  1. We offer a robust paywall technology that meets the needs of publishers and content creators of all sizes. We thought it fitting to try to work the phrase “wall it” into our name;
  2. Our goal is to offer users a single account from which they can purchase content from any partner in the Wallit network. To consumers, we see ourselves as a digital wallet. The slight change in spelling offers a fun play on the word “wallet”.

With a name that better suits us, we plan to continue to lead the charge in paid content technology and strategy.

The new era of Wallit also means a message that better resonates with our prospects and partners. We’ve shifted the focus from micropayments and moved towards the power of subscriptions. Now, that doesn’t mean we still don’t offer micropayments, we most certainly do! In fact, we leverage our micropayment technology to offer more robust subscription options that meet the needs of more of your loyal readers.

Subscriptions are a product that most folks understand on some level. Be it a magazine or Netflix subscription, the concept is familiar and easily digestible. After less than stellar response to a new term (micropayment) we opted to position this unique technology to support a strategy that is more clearly understood and embraced by our prospects, partners and users alike.

We look to move beyond traditional monthly and yearly subscriptions. Perhaps a daily sports subscription or a weekly local subscription could find traction among readers. What if someone could purchase only the series House of Cards on Netflix for, say, $7. Would more folks buy-in if they weren’t required to purchase a monthly subscription? This is the type of approach we take to paid content. Something needs to change if digital revenues are going to become substantial. The Wallit mission best encapsulates why we show up everyday:

To bring content creators and customers together in a way that is sustainable, meaningful and profitable.

Under the Wallit name we look forward to helping content creators of all shapes and sizes find long-term success. If you are interested in learning more on how Wallit can be a strategic partner for your business, please click here.

Tim Hunter

Tim Hunter is Director of Marketing at Wallit. His marketing background is rooted in user experience across the digital landscape. Tim is passionate about the web and how we can make it work for all stakeholders.

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