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Wallit is designed for publishers

Wallit is the most flexible subscription management solution for publishers of all sizes looking to sell their content through a variety of unique subscription purchase options. Built with the user experience in mind, Wallit allows you to seamlessly and easily segment/change niche content — all without having to engage your IT.

wallit flexibility

Wallit technology is easy to implement, and designed to complement your current digital revenue model.

  • Unlimited subscription pricing options in your control, without IT.
  • Integrates with virtually any CMS for easy delpoyment and print subscription linking.
  • Scalable to meet the needs of a small blogger or a publisher with many properties.
  • Seamlessly works on all platforms and mobile devices.

Wallit will help you grow current digital subscriptions and unlock new incremental niche revenue.

  • Quickly deploy, test, and change different subscription offers anytime.
  • Concurrently offer a multitude of subscription options and single article sales.
  • Monitor conversions and paid subscription performance.
  • Membership in the Wallit publisher network
wallit revenue
Want to learn more? Click below to watch a quick product video 🙂
wallit user experience
User Experience

A better user experience means a higher conversion rate. Readers will love the experience. Publishers will love the powerful, custom dashboard.

  • The embedded paywall does not interfere with ads.
  • Works perfectly on all devices and platforms: mobile and desktop.
  • Easy to create and account: Google, Facebook, email/password.
  • Wallit accounts work with all Wallit partners, meaning only one account is needed.
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